Privacy policy / Person file description:

Person file description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act


1. Person file description eMeetings/IMDL

2. Regarding Registry Matters link to electronical form here edesk

3. The name of the registry oducloud .com web service participant register

4. Purpose and grounds for processing personal data The purpose of the Registry is to maintain the Registrar of web services and to pass on the interaction between the site and the participant. The data can be used for development of operations, for statistical purposes, and for the production of more personalized targeted content in the online services. Personal data will be processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act. Part of the registration information may be transferred to partner servers for technical reasons. The Participant has the right to deny publication of the information by notifying the Registry by electronical form process

5. Information content of the register The person register contains the following information: First and last name of a person Email address and / or what information the person provides

6. Disclosure The information on the participant register is only for, except using an external service provider. However, the information will not be disclosed to or for its own use by its partners, except for the obligation to legislate.

7. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA Personal data will not be transmitted outside the European Union unless it is necessary to ensure or its technical partner. The registered personal data will be destroyed at the request of the user, unless the law prohibits the deletion of the data.

8. Right of inspection and enforcement of the right of inspection The participant has the right to inspect the information about himself in the customer register. The request for verification must be made by electronical form.

9.The information will be given in writing electronical form to know them in a separate manner.

10. Correcting information and completing information correction The controller shall, on his own initiative and at the request of the customer, rectify, remove or supplement the incorrect, unnecessary or incomplete information in the register for the intended purpose.

11. Other possible rights The information in the register is confidential. They will only be released on the basis of a participant or a law-based right of access.

12. Registered Information The privacy statement is available at the website. Usage of the register The personal information is used for direct marketing, sales, and other comparable addressed mailed items (e.g. market research) and the companies within the group.

Information stored in the register First and last name Contact information Title, operative and acquisitional area of responsibility Language Information on the marketing permissions and bans given by the person Name of the company

Contact information for the company

Field of business Information on participation in direct marketing campaigns Regular sources of data Personal information is mainly collected from the people whose data is being registered. Personal information can also be collected and updated from the registers of other companies within the same group as well as public and commercial registers. Disclosing information Information can be disclosed for direct marketing purposes, unless the data subject has separately prohibited it.

Personal information is not disclosed to parties outside the EU or ETA.

Security of the register The register is protected against external use. Only persons whose require managing the data in the register have access to it. The register is protected with personal user identifiers and passwords. ------------------- Privacy policy / Person file description: This site uses cookies to make it work better. More information can be found on FICORA's website.